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About Us

At the beginning it felt like it was my RIGHT to live in clean surroundings, then for a while it became an EXPECTATION, but when nothing happened, one day it finally became ‘EK PRAYATAN’. That is how Paramarthi was born, an initiative to clean and maintain the public parks, sidewalks, roads and bring back the original beauty of Dwarka sub-city, New Delhi.

The rapid economic growth in Dwarka has created a problem of dirty streets and poor sanitation. This if not controlled, right now, can become a full-blown crisis. I’ve lived in Dwarka for the past XXX years and during this time I’ve noticed how some sidewalks have never been cleaned, there is never a dustbin around when you need one, how plastic bags and other trash just floats around like its part of the landscape –in short there are many problems and there’s also tremendous potential


Thought Paramarthi, I have taken it upon myself to start healing our surroundings thought cleaning. Our crew (pictured side) has begun the cleaning and maintenance work in sector – 11 Dwarka. Its our first step in this direction and in just a matter of weeks, we have made significant progress in the areas covered by our crew (pictures below).

Some of the areas in Dwarka where we have managed this desired transformation;


Our Mission

Our Vision